Wassailia: The Struggle Chapter One – Known Story One

The King drew his sword gallantly in perhaps his last brave act facing the Dread Darkeyes. With a thousand knights the King led a piercing charge into the heart of the evil Army’s battle line. Those who followed the King into battle did so to protect the Realm Serenity. They charged hard to protect a thousand years of his rule that ensured the known star systems lived in universal balance. If they failed, it would be ten thousand years of darkness and misery.

The King’s sword pointed forward with a brilliant light brighter than a super nova emanating from the tip at a sixteen degrees angle. Direct and with intent it signaled to the enemy the exacting nature of his character, his remembrance, his determination.

Nine hundred and eighty-four years ago the King’s Father, Chairman Matvei the First was the first ruler of the known realms. This time was full of excitement and exploration. Little conflicts remained over wealth, politics and religion. The people of this time focused on helping each other to achieve more as a species.

During this time, as in all times, challenges were faced. Those who overcame the challenges carried their names into the stars. Amid the ascendants where people of business, engineering, and courage.

Chairman Matvei was nearly forty-six at the time when he left Earth to visit the Mars mining colony Prosperous 3. His last known communication was several weeks before Christmas they year he departed. It was a simple message; “I’m here touring the facilities. I love you both. See you shortly at home for Christmas when I return. Love Dad.”

The Realm King Alexander remembered those words, his father’s promise and love as he lead the charge into battle for the Known Realms.

Wassailia: The Struggle Chapter One - Known Story Two

July 27, 2018