Wassailia: The Struggle Chapter One – Known Story Two

Alexander held the Sword of Man by both hands. Grasping the hilt hard. His arms and sword stay motionless while his upper body pumped up and down from heavy breathing. His bright green eyes pierced the air full of smoke and dust from the initial Dread Darkeyes orbital bombardment.

Now the two ground forces faced off anticipating the battle to come. Behind the King was the Realm’s One Thousand Knights. Men and women of intelligence, skill and selfless service. They were the leaders and children of their Countries. Countries that spanned thousands of light years from Earth to distant galaxies. Each Knight present in formation wearing carbon nano tube armor laced with triple chains of Carbyne glimmered in the light.

Across from the King and his Knights there marched an army of ten thousand Dread Darkeyes drones. Across a vast distance the Dread beings consumed galaxies. For thousands of millennia this collective would reave upon any civilization unable to defend itself.

The Dread would cull planets for years. The survivors, the ones who fought off the invasion, lost everything, fought hard and believed in victory through resistance were simply subdued at the end. The magnitude of the culling stories still haunts the realm today. No species in the Known Realms has solved the mystery of how hardened warriors, victorious, and on the path to victory suddenly lose, and are subdued only to rise stronger after death. They fall.

Hours later they move, shake and stand up. They stand up straight with purpose. They are not puppets, or zombie like creatures. They are awake, up-in-arms as before they fell. But they don’t move, they stand for a while. Their eyes finally open. What was once an ocean of colorful eyes is only a great canyon of black with nothing more than a pixel of great white brightness in the center where the pupil was.

Thunderous sounds were pulsating throughout the shielded Capital. Ten thousand blackhole eyes with a spec of light didn’t dissuade the knights and King from their duty. Kinetic and energy weapons pounded the city while the Dread forces amassed outside the vulnerable entrance gate.

Alexander and his Knights were all poised for a fight to the death. They had prepared for generations for this day. It was primal, their blood, their genes, the universal power contained in each paired sword was their wrought universal energy poised for a fight. This was Man, the dominant, the collective species of cooperation.

With exploration came conquering. By pure chance, divine intervention, or a combination of it all, the Known Realms over a thousand years were forged by men and women of violence from Earth. They sought better lives for their children, killed, plundered and made it happen.

As they aged, they reflected on their quests. They found the universe they sought, was the Universe they seek. In their reflection they gave their new-found immortality. The First Immortals traded life for wisdom generations ago. This one of many reason why Alexander, his Knights and the realms lasted a thousand years!

Wassailia: The Struggle Chapter One - Known Story One

July 29, 2018

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