Wassailia Story Chapters

Chapter One

As darkness fell onto the normally empty forest, there was a young princess waking up lost and alone. The girl was only 10 years old. Sounds of the night’s stillness filled the air. “Where am I? How did I get here? I have to get home for Christmas,” said the princess. Among the foreign surroundings, the little girl marveled at the beauty of the glistening snow and the ice crystals that hung from the trees. Even though the forest looked magical with its glistening appearance, the temperature outside was dropping by the moment. She was starting to feel the brisk […]

Chapter Two

As the princess and her new friends started on the trail, Flo kept asking her about her life at home. “I forgot to ask your name,” said Flo. “Amanda,” answered the princess. “That’s a lovely name,” Flo replied. Just then, they both heard the pitter-patter of little feet behind them. A whole collection of squirrels was following closely. Flo said, “That’s Tony’s family. They will help us on our journey back to your family.” Amanda looked sad. She said, “That reminds me of my two hermanos.” Flo looked puzzled and questioned, “Hermonos? What’s an hermanos?” The princess laughed. “Hermanos is […]

Chapter Three

The princess made the most of her rest. Despite being cold and stuck in a strange place, she was exhausted and fell into a deep sleep. While she was out, her mind wandered. Flo could tell that Amanda was having vivid dreams. Every so often, the princess would flail her arms and legs and utter phrases like “I must get home.” Also, there were instances where she would smile. In those moments, Flo thought the princess looked very content. She thought Amanda must be thinking about getting home for Christmas. Flo imagined the wonderful Wassailia celebration that Amanda described. She […]

Chapter Four

The wind tunnel was just too much to fight. It tossed Amanda, Flo, Tony, and his family over the mountain that was in front of them. Within seconds, the twister stopped, and there was a loud “thud.” The princess and all of her friends were dropped into a large pile of snow. The princess asked “Where are we?” Everyone looked confused but happy to be safe. As they tried to get their bearings, Flo exclaimed, “Look! Over there! There’s an entire village all lit up!” Amanda jumped to her feet. Her eyes opened as big as saucers. She yelled in […]