Wassailia Chapters

Chapter One

As darkness fell onto the normally empty forest, there was a young princess waking up lost and alone. The girl was only 10 years old. Sounds of the night’s stillness filled the air. “Where am I? How did I get here? I have to get home for Christmas,” said the princess. Among the foreign surroundings, the little girl marveled at the beauty of the glistening snow and the ice crystals that hung from the trees. Even though the forest looked magical with its glistening appearance, the temperature outside was dropping by the moment. She was starting to feel the brisk cold air against her body. With each passing second, she was feeling her hands and feet turn to ice. “I have to get out of here. Maybe if I stand up and retrace my steps, I’ll find my way home. I have to get back to my family.”

Follow the Footsteps

On the pathway that stood before the girl was a new layer of fallen snow. There were faint outlines of someone’s shoes in the snow. “Since nobody else is around, these footprints must be mine,” said the princess. “Let me see where they lead. If I follow them, I may be able to get back home to my family in Hazelwood.” With every step she took, she got sadder and more hungry. The only noises in the area were coming from her empty tummy. All that she could remember was fighting with her parents. “If only I would’ve just listened and done a chore my mom and dad wanted me to do. Oh why did I run away? Why? I love them and miss them very much. Now I will never get home for Christmas. I am going to be all alone.”

Making Friends Along the Way

As the princess followed down the path, the footsteps seemed endless. She was discouraged and was giving up hope. What would she do for food? How would she warm up? What would she do without her family? Suddenly, she heard a tapping sound. It was coming from the big tree that was a few steps to the right of her. Out of the blue, she saw a little bird fly from the tree and land on her head. “Hello,” said the floating figure. Just then, she realized it wasn’t a bird. There was a small winter fairy fluttering around her body. The princess couldn’t believe her eyes. Could it be a dream? A tiny little body, which was filled with sparkles and light, was talking to her. The fairy had a shimmering wand and a delicate winter dress that was flowing in the cool breeze. The princess couldn’t help but think how cold this flitting figure must be. “My name is Flocon. That means snowflake in French. You can call me Flo.” “Hi Flo,” the princess said in amazement. “What brings you to the forest?,” asked the fairy. “I don’t know exactly,” said the princess. “All I know is that I had a fight with my parents, and I ran away. At first, it was like I was on a fun adventure. However, the night seemed like it was lasting forever, and I got colder and more scared. The last thing that I remember is turning around and running back towards my home. All of a sudden, I was hit by something. The last sounds I heard were jingle bells.”

Everyone Must Have Responsibilities

Flo landed on the princess’s hand and looked very interested in her story. She said, “Jingle bells? I’ve never heard bells out here in the forest.” “I definitely heard bells,” said the princess. Flo said, “I believe you. Tell me more about your family.” The princess told her about her fancy house, her parents, and her two dogs. “I am a princess. My family and I live in a castle on a large hill. During this time of year, all of the tress and bushes around our home are filled with glowing Christmas lights. My pets, Max and Wally, enjoy playing outside and running around. They would love it here. I miss them. They would know how to get home.” “Where do you live?,” asked Flo. “In the village of Hazelwood,” answered the princess. “We are two days away from Christmas, the most magical time of year. The best part of the holidays are the Wassailia Day carols that fill the air. They make me feel so happy and warm inside. Besides my family, they are what keep me searching for my home.” Flo asked, “If you are a princess, why would you need to do chores?” The girl replied, “Even princesses need to have responsibilities. I was playing in our music room with all of my dolls. My parents told me that I had to clean them up, but I didn’t want to. I got very angry and stomped to my room. Then, I figured I would leave, so I ran away.” “Don’t be afraid, I will do my best to help you get home for the holidays,” said the fairy. “Tell me more about these Wassailia carols. They must be amazing.” The princess explained, “They are beautiful songs that can be heard all over the village. They symbolize the season of togetherness. Christmas is a time of family and friends. It is a time to give to loved ones and to visit neighbors. I just can’t miss them.” Flo said, “Maybe we can sing songs together.” “It just wouldn’t be the same,” said the princess. All of a sudden, a tiny squirrel dropped from the tree as well. “That’s Tony,” said Flo. “He’s a part of my forest family. He knows his way around these trees very well and knows everybody in the area, so maybe he can help us get you home.” “That would be wonderful,” said the princess. “I know my parents must be very worried, and I miss my home terribly.”

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