What is this site about?

This project is very simple in its intent. Provide parents with a children’s story about Christmas and turn Wassailia into something magical about Christmas.

Why do this?

Years ago when my daughter was younger once of the grandparents bought her, Sofia the First: Holiday in Enchancia. Soon into reading this book to her it was very apparent Disney was avoiding the term Christmas. The artwork is clearly drawing from classical Christmas.

Prior to this, my daughter was a fan of Sofia the First. When I had to explain to my three year old that Wassailia was a made up holiday, despite it’s artistic resemblance to the traditions we already exposed her to about Christmas in a Catholic family.

Needless to say I was very upset that I had to even explain this to a three year who didn’t understand. I grew up with Mickey’s Christmas Carols, etc. As a businessman I understand the probable intent by Disney in making up a holiday.

On that same note, Disney is clearly larger than any operation I have. With so many resources…maybe consider writing about other holiday traditions instead of alienating a lot of people?

I say that because when I went to Google to see what this Wassailia was about, I found forums already established with threads having nothing good to say about Disney’s decision to use Wassailia instead of Christmas. What really tipped the scale into me committing time and resources was the debate about if Sofia was the first Hispanic princess. As a dad of bi-racial children who are Hispanic, I also took issue with Disney’s weird public statements on how Sofia was supposed to be, but an exec misspoke and so Sofia is not Hispanic.

I’m not a forum type guy. This is my style. Buy the domain, trademark the word (because you can’t copyright a holiday) and do whatever I want with this as a freedom loving and exercising self-made single father entrepreneur.

Rectify some ridiculousness to ensure we are telling a story about Christmas without shying away from that word whose main character is a young Hispanic princess.

Our Wassilia story

We are developing a true coherent story over the coming weeks this December in 2020. This will replace the previous story posts.